The management team of MCB Group consists of:

Bram Schildkamp, Chief Executive Officer at MCB International since January 2013.

Bram Schildkamp

Emiel van Boxtel, Chief Financial Officer at MCB International since July 2015 CFO.

Emiel van Boxtel

Serge Timmermans, Director Marketing & Sales at MCB since March 2015.

Serge Timmermans
Director Marketing & Sales

Front office executives

Erik Spikmans, Director of Sales at the Dutch office at MCB since June 2013.

Erik Spikmans
Sales Director MCB Netherlands

Joep Boonen, Director of the German office at MCB.

Joep Boonen
Director MCB Germany

Bart Wouters, Director of the Belgian office at MCB since August 2014.

Bart Wouters
Director MCB Belgium

Fedor Piek, Director MCB Direct since November 2015.

Fedor Piek
Director MCB Direct

Ives Verheyden, Director Testas since 2008.

Ives Verheyden
Director Testas

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